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Stealing a New Year’s Mantra

New year. New perspective! ✨

Happy 2023!! I’m so ready for this new year to begin. Last year is hard to summarize so I’m not even going to try. I’d rather focus on what’s to come, starting with my word (s) of the year.

Are you the type of person who picks an inspirational word or mantra each January 1st?  Choosing one gives me a chance to think about the upcoming year and decide how I want to approach it. It helps me to stay focused, not in an obsessive way, but in an intentional way. I usually try to pick one that’s applicable to several different things. This year, I’ve come up with:

Be more creative.

Be more creative in my writing. I think I’m pretty creative when it comes to writing middle grade stories. But there are more aspects to writing than just crafting a plot. My intention for this year is to add more creativity into my revision process. What has worked with my other manuscripts, doesn’t necessarily work with the one I’m writing now. So, I’m determined to find new and different ways to get to the heart of my stories and make them better and better.

Be more creative in decorating our home. I’m obsessed with DIY and home décor. When I’m not writing, I’m often doing house projects. I love finding creative ways to decorate on a budget, but I often play it safe. I prefer a classic, neutral style, but that doesn’t mean our house has to look like every other one on Instagram! I’m hoping to find my creative spark again and stay true to what I like, while also changing it up a little. 

Be more creative in approaching my relationships. Texting has become the bane of my existence. Phone calls and in-person interactions are so much better. Hello coffee dates! I’d rather chat face to face (even through Facetime) any day of the week! I’m making it my mission to have more quality connections in 2023.

Be more creative in tackling problems. Let’s face it. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to every issue. Sometimes even the tiniest problem can stump a person. So maybe some creative brainstorming can help when I’m faced with an I don’t know what to dosituation! 

Be more creative in living a healthy lifestyle. I think this one stumps the best of us. I like being active and drinking smoothies as much as anyone else. But I’m planning to dig deep into my creativity well on this one. I’m craving consistency. Hopefully there’s a creative solution just waiting for me to find it!

Be more creative in my free time. This is my ace in the hole this year. I’ve recently discovered a new creative outlet. It’s one of the things I look forward to doing most lately…a relaxing distraction that inspires my imagination. Time will tell if I continue with it. But even if I don’t, I know that having some kind of creative outlet and multiple sources of inspiration is important. 

So… that’s where I’m at. I’m excited for this year and excited that this mantra is a part of it. Besides, be creative has special significance to me, especially now. It’s part of the 5-phrase mantra that plays a big role in Spin the Golden Light Bulb, which incidentally, was published five years ago on January 9, 2018! 

FYI, here’s the rest of that motivational mantra. 

Be curious. Be creative. Be collaborative. Be colorful. Be courageous. 

So, thanks Spin the Golden Light Bulb for providing me with my 2023 mantra! You’re more a part of me than I sometimes remember!

And thank you to you for being here! I hope you have a wonderful new year and wish you all the best of whatever is important to you in 2023. May this year be one that you talk about for many, many years to come!