The Crimson Five series

Communicator Between Two Worlds

As someone who prides herself on encouraging others to chase their dreams, I often wonder if any of my cheering really ever hits the mark. Do my words matter to anyone? 

I began writing this post today full of enthusiasm and energy. I had this feeling that someone needed encouragement and I was excited to give it! So, I dove right in ready to fill this page with as many you can do this messages that I could think of. But as I wrote, doubt crept in. The kind that says, who are you to take up this mantle? Who proclaimed you the princess of positivity? I immediately deleted the words I had written feeling that they were too frivolous and that someone more qualified than me should be the one guiding you along on your path to wherever you’re hoping to go. 

So, I immediately attempted to think up a more meaningful topic to write about, convincing myself that as serious writers, you’re all looking to read serious, important content—stuff that will make you better writers. Stuff that focuses on query letters, book deals, writing craft, revisions, social media for writers, etc… not the chase-your-dreams content that I truly felt someone could use today. 

That mental spiral got me brainstorming, but also wondering. Who gets to decide whether the words we write in a story or in blog post are valuable? I don’t mean good…there are plenty of people who can tell us that. I mean valuable. Who gets to decide whether I’m qualified enough to cheer you on or if this blog is filled with the right stuff?

Self-doubt is a horrible thing. It can steal our passions and leave us wondering what could have been—if we let it. So please, don’t let it. No one is going to knock on your door and hand you a ticket with admission into your own personalized chase your dream club. You’re not going to get a package in the mail filled with all the tools you need to climb the mountain to publication or to college admission or to becoming a trapeze artist. Just like no one is going to reach out to me and declare that I have what it takes to turn this blog into a go-to resource for aspiring writers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do those things. 

If our passions are strong, we need to follow them. We need to block out the noise of self-doubt and realize that no one has our unique way of viewing the world or our unique messages to share. If we remember that, we’re well on our way to catching those dreams we’re chasing.  

I read someplace that the role of a writer is to be a communicator between two worlds: the world inside their imagination, and the world outside it. So, in this moment, on this blog, my role as a writer is to cheer you on and share all the positive, you can do this messages that I can think up.  

Writing is tough. Writing good stuff is even tougher. But that isn’t reason to shy away from writing something that you’re really proud of. If you’re chasing a dream, even if it isn’t related to writing, and you’re finding it tough, remember that you’re tough too. Your dream means something to you and so it’s worth forging ahead. I know you’ve probably had an unbelievable week. I know you’re probably exhausted. So lean into that. Take a break or at least a deep breath and give yourself some credit. You’ve already accomplished a lot this week. I know I have! But after you take that breath, make a latte or a smoothie…whatever gets you in the mood to write. And then just begin. One sentence or one scene. All of it counts! And remember, you’re a communicator. No one will ever know your story if you let it live in your brain forever. 

Good luck, writers. And in case you missed the point…I’ll be cheering you on all weekend!