The Crimson Five series

Seeking Magical Inspiration

Hello from sunny Florida! I you’re having a great week. I’m spending mine on a mini vacation with my daughter. After a fantastic long weekend in South Florida with my sister-in-law and her kids, yesterday we took the train up to Orlando… Disney to be specific. But we’re not doing the traditional Disney thing. We’re not going to Epcot or Magic Kingdom or even Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom. Instead, we’re staying at two different Disney resorts for a few days and taking advantage of all they have to offer. Translation: we’re exploring at a chill pace! 

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know how much I adore the Disney parks. But I have to say I’m not sad that we’re only hanging out at the resorts this time. They’re beautiful and we never do anything at all like this. We’re always racing around from attraction to attraction, from show to show because we don’t want to miss any of it! So, these next few days will be a nice change. I feel so spoiled!

I always get inspired at Disney. There’s something so magical about all they’ve built and it always motivates me to create. Walt Disney was the ultimate storyteller and every piece of every show, attraction, restaurant, and hotel tells a story. It’s pretty incredible. So, I fully intend to meander through every square inch of this place and bottle up the Disney magic. Our first hotel is located on the Skyliner which is a colorful gondola that runs along the resorts. That means we can resort hop and check out more than just the ones we’re staying at. If I can’t get inspired at one of them, it’ll be because I’m not paying attention! 

People have been creating for centuries. The Disney Imagineers aren’t the only ones. But they sure have created an incredible world where people of all ages can escape for a day or a week and feel the energy, enthusiasm, and dreamlike qualities of children. Being in this environment is like no other. It’s easy feel motivated and inspired.

Inspiration to chase down our dreams can come at any time. I know that. You don’t need fancy hotels or beautiful landscaping for that. All you truly need is an open mind. And it helps to pay attention to what’s around you and seek out places that fuel your fire.

I hope you can find a place like that—someplace that reminds you that your dreams are worth chasing and your particular brand of storytelling or creative work is needed. Because it is! 

So, keep dreaming big, friends and I will too!