The Crimson Five series

3 Reasons Writers Need to Walk (Far Away) from Their Manuscripts

If you’ve a written a manuscript, this post is for you. It’s about a strategy I’m using now as I revise my current project. I created it out of necessity because after going through 15 revision rounds (yes, 15!) I was a broken writer. My story was only mostly good and I didn’t even know… Continue reading 3 Reasons Writers Need to Walk (Far Away) from Their Manuscripts

The Crimson Five series

What’s Your Magic Writer’s Mark?

What Makes Your Story YOU? All books have themes. Things the author subtly (or not so subtly!) imparts into their stories. Like perseverance or teamwork or whatever. My books have them too and I could probably write a post just about those. But that’s not what I’m thinking about today. I’ve noticed a different kind… Continue reading What’s Your Magic Writer’s Mark?


My Go-To Book for Writing Craft

Way back when, I created this website with a major objective in mind: I wanted to pass along information I had learned from other writers and industry professionals when I was just learning to write. Around the time I began receiving rejections on my very first manuscript, I stumbled across a book on self editing. I… Continue reading My Go-To Book for Writing Craft