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Signing Books & Gold Gel Pens

Last time, I blogged about how tough it can be to keep writing through difficult periods.  Today, I have something more upbeat to talk about, one of the perks to being published: signing books for readers! In two weeks, I’ll be signing books at the Rochester Children’s Book Festival with about 50 other authors and illustrators.… Continue reading Signing Books & Gold Gel Pens

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Get to Work! Make me Care about your MC

Hey there! Sorry for the aggressive title today but I think many of you can use that reminder. I actually need it myself sometimes too! On the blog last week, I said that publishing is just crazy sometimes. It’s slow. It’s fickle. It’s unpredictable. But really, what business isn’t? And we all need to remember… Continue reading Get to Work! Make me Care about your MC

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The Author-Impostor Visit

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking at an elementary school in my city…my first unofficial author visit. And it was so much fun! I spoke with two fourth grade classes about books and writing and inventions. Amazing! But I wasn't sure it would be that way... The Rochester Children’s Book Festival is a… Continue reading The Author-Impostor Visit

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Swirl and Spark Weekly

Hey all! What’s new? Not much here…just sitting around on a cloudy summer day figuring out how to keep this website fresh… and I thought of something! Hence the name of this blog post. Back in the day (like three years ago), I religiously blogged once each week, without fail, on Wednesdays. But as time… Continue reading Swirl and Spark Weekly

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The Crazy Journey of the Author Platform

Hey everybody! I hope this post will give you something to think about as you go about your week. Maybe it will strike a chord or help somehow, because I know this topic is something that all writers think about, even worry about—maybe actually stress about. I certainly do. We’ve been told by other writers, agents, and editors… Continue reading The Crazy Journey of the Author Platform